Recycling at Recreation Station

Along with our commitment to our customers, we also exhude a commitment to our surroundings. We don't have to be "extremely green" to recognize that sound business practices and waste reductions can be beneficial to all. Here are three reasons why RecStation.net employs eco-friendly operations:

  1. To reduce waste, harmful emissions, and excessive water usage.
  2. To recycle raw materials and waste oils.
  3. To keep operational costs lower and SAVE YOU MONEY!

Read on to find out exactly how RecStation.net molds eco-friendly business functions around our dedication to you and your wallet!

Two people at Recreation Station


The recycling process here returns 100% of waste oils and fuels to be refined or used as a heating source. We also recycle all metal parts: Steel, aluminum, tin, copper, etc. are some of the metals that get recycled. We even recycle our grass clippings!

Re-using water for testing engines saves thousands of gallons per year versus other dealers! We also have implemented re-using washable shop towels, that reduces piles of paper shop towels which used to fill the trash containers. This allows us to keep our service supply costs low.

We reduced our energy costs by having our heating systems evaluated for efficiency, saving water, and installing energy-reducing light bulbs. Our transition to going paperless in our office also helps to conserve. All of these efforts concern an overwhelming dedication to you, our customer. If we can help mother nature, and save you money at the same time, WHY NOT???

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